a case in the world of onion detective..
but this time its about another city..
another detective..

can you solve the case?
there's more than one ending ;)
(did you find the SECRET ENDING? :P)

Published 92 days ago
Made withBitsy
TagsBitsy, Detective, fruit


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Hi! I'm in love with your games, and I'd like to record one for Youtube. I'll give credit. Anyway, I would like to know how long this game is. (approx playthrough time) so I know how long to expect my video to be. Thx.

sure if you want to :) i'd say its about maybe 10 mins? its got a bad, good, and a true ending-- the only thing i can see adding time is looking for the true ending since its the *secret* ending :P


Wow, I love how much time, effort, and personality you put in your games. It's really refreshing to see little 8 pixel tall  characters with so much witt, or kindness, or anything really. you're great :)

aw thanks you! i'm so glad you like all my silly characters :) it means so much to hear it :D


Loved the way you did the secret ending in this!


i was inspired by your "this seems bad"! i just knew i had to steal that "mechanic" and use it in a game :P


Oooh morally ambiguous fruit, my favourite kind

the best kind of fruit! (ok no all fruit is good fruit!)


This berry's so reckless! I love them!

i have a very soft spot in my heart for this berry :P