onionland II is a wonderful sequel to the first onionland game that was so beloved when it came out. join sir onion on their quest to once again to save princess pear from the hands of the witch radish! have adventures fighting dungeons and different enemies! talk to skeletons! take a sea journey! its great!

Published 81 days ago
Made withBitsy
TagsBitsy, joke


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Haha, loved it! 


Amazing :D

haha thanks :D


That loading screen is really pretty, though.

thanks!!! i put in a lot of effort into it ;___;


9/10 - Needs more lootboxes.


aw dang!! but like i put in so many in!! how is 9999999 lootboxes not enough???


My favourite part was the opera house scene. It must have taken hours to animate all the singing parsnips

it really did ;___; (you're killing me x'D)


I laughed too hard at this

im so glad xD 


this is a crime

are you going to arrest me? *shiteating grin*



You're going to jail right now

gay baby jail? *wags eyebrows*




Did you JUST make a loading screen or am I missing something


*fingerguns* :'D