relax and do some farm work :3

ps. made with synth-ruiner's bitsy-image-to-room!

ps. want to play another cute game?
play about a snail growing a garden! it's super cute!

Published Mar 08, 2018
Made withBitsy
TagsBitsy, farm, onions


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Hold on... Who grew you? You're best friends now huh? LOL!

huh? well the player isnt an onion so they weren't grown but yep now they have onion friends :P

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No, like I was talking about you yourself. You're an onion not nessecarily the player. :)

oh sorry haha my bad

well in my situation.. when a mommy onion meets daddy onion and they fall in love-- nope lmao im sorry i was a scientific experiment done by a mad gardener :P

(1 edit) (+1)

It's fine. I guess that's correct so onions grow two ways! XD 


i loved growing all my onions!!! it was so great! they are so cute and good friends! thank you!!!


thank you for playing  :D i'm glad you enjoyed it!!


I really like the style of this game, very charming. The way you got time to pass was neat, however because you press the ^ to go through both doors if you accidentally double tap it you miss some of the content, especially if you try to go back inside.

yeah :| but if u think positively it means u can speedrun this game very quickly ;^) 




that little house and garden are so cute


thank you :D

Can you tell me please on which programming language you made this game?

oh i'm just using adam le doux's bitsy editor :)

Thanks man!

no problem :P


Es muy lindo el juego, lastima no puedo disfrutarlo tanto en inglés.! pero alguien podría contribuir con la traducción ;)


This game is so cute I must say, such a relaxing game to play :)) Love your work! 

thank you :D


This is the cutest game I have ever seen! I could spend hours listening to the onions speaking. So creative!

thank you :D

1.en español lo pueden punlica.??

oh im sorry i dont know spanish :|

Omg! I loved this game so much <3 Thank you!!!!! 

no thank U for playing ;) i'm so glad you like it :D


Short but a amazing game. This game made my day( I love the simple graphics)   

Thanks, Ratchet103

thank you! i'm glad you enjoyed it so much (≧∇≦)


I liked this a lot -- simple gameplay with a cute outcome :)

thank you :D


wowowowow i love this

farming games are my favourite

thank you :D farming games are so fun that i felt compelled to figure something out for bitsy :P


This is beautiful. The art is gorgeous!

thanks!! <3 i'm real happy with this game!