You are a little onion detective & you must solve a murder most foul!  

Play to figure out who did it and why!

P.S. the sequel: !! :P 

Published 90 days ago
TagsBitsy, Detective, Pixel Art, Short


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OH lil pump is jealous XD

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glad you enjoyed it! (also heeeeey i have two cats!! they are jerks but i still love them!! cats are great!) (also i super love the video thumbnail you made! the onion with the detective hat is super great!!)


thanx ^_^


Oh no! don't wanna end up in jail(

thank god you cant get arrested in this one :P

This is totally HILARIOUS!! It was great man! :D


i <3 this game a lot .. the dialog made me laugh :)

thank you!! it made me laugh as i was writing it so i hoped itd be enjoyable :D